Welcome to the home of the infamous 554th Razor Squadron currently quartered aboard the Battlestar Pegasus.
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 The 554th Strike Wing, Razor Squadron

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The 554th Strike Wing, Razor Squadron Empty
PostSubject: The 554th Strike Wing, Razor Squadron   The 554th Strike Wing, Razor Squadron EmptyThu Sep 05, 2013 2:34 pm

The 554th Strike Wing, Razor Squadron Rz_log10 

In the beginning Colonial forces began organizing their fleets into multi-ship wings, but one man decided that something different was called for. He decided to form an elite squadron of dedicated strike pilots called Razors, and the 554th Strike Wing known as Razor Squadron was born!

The 554th Strike Wing, Razor Squadron Untitl10

The 554th Strike Wing known as Razor Squadron assigned to the 62nd Battlestar Group was commissioned on May 07, 2011 by Rear Admiral Helena Cain just after the Cylon attacks on the Scorpia Shipyards. The commanding officer assigned to the squadron at that time was Major Kyle Furyion with his second in command Cpt. Lundurmoth. Razor Squadron was an elite star-fighter squadron serving under the banner of the Battlestar Pegasus, and the wise leadership of the great Admiral Cain. The 554th Strike Wing was the only all strike fighter wing commissioned in the Colonial Fleet at the beginning of the war. (Scorpia Server)

Razor Squadron known as for its lethal and effective fighting techniques, was a unit forged by continuous training and precision teamwork. Razor Squadron’s pilots were also known to have the utmost in honor, and integrity, and were willing to follow orders to get the job done no matter what the cost. The pilots of the 554th Strike Wing were exceptional because they had the ability to think rather than react when it came to combat tactics and battle strategies.

Members of Razor Squadron used modern, and innovative, strategic military concepts that put their pilots far above many of the other pilots that served within the Colonial Fleet. Their team members always worked together to accomplish superior objectives. The primary mission goal of the 554th Strike Wing was to demonstrate to the other Colonial Wings what an all strike wing was capable of accomplishing. Razor Squadron actually did manage to make a big difference in the course of this war. In order to counter this deadly Colonial fleet strike group the Cylons established their own strike unit known to many as the Night Stalkers. The men and women of the Razor Squadron Wing took great pride in knowing that they received far more quality training than the other Colonial pilots of the fleet and typically achieved greater results on the battlefields in space. Due to attrition however, the 554th Strike Wing was decommissioned on May 20, 2013.

On September 01, 2013 the new Razor Squadron was re-commissioned by Admiral William Adama, and was sanctioned by President Laura Roslin. Rising up from the ashes like the Phoenix of old legend the New Razor Squadron is re-born to carry the fight to our enemy once more.

The 554th Strike Wing, Razor Squadron New_pr10
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The 554th Strike Wing, Razor Squadron
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